Video Gallery of Poets
in Southern California
Lynne Thompson & Peter J. Harris
"Let a story"
Lynne Thompson is the 2021 Los Angeles City Poet Laureate, is the award-winning author of Fretwork (Marsh Hawk Press, 2019), Start with a Small Guitar (What Books Press, 2013) and Beg No Pardon (Perugia Press, 2007). In 2015, she received an Artist Fellowship from the City of Los Angeles (COLA) award.
Peter J. Harris, Author of Bless the Ashes, (Tia Chucha Press), winner of the 2015 PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award, and Safe Arms: 20 Love and Erotic Poems (FlowerSong Press, 2021). He was a 2018 Los Angeles COLA Fellow and is a Fellow of the L.A. Institute for the Humanities at USC. He directs The Black Man of Happiness Project.
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