Video Gallery of Poets
in Southern California
Video Gallery of Poets
in Southern California
Hiram Sims
Hiram Sims
Writers Resist LA 2019
Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center
Venice, CA
Poetry.LA Interview Series
Zoom Conferencing
Hiram Sims is a poet, essayist, and founder of the Sims Library of Poetry, providing the South L.A. community a space to read, write, and perform poetry. He also founded the Community Literature Initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching writers of color how to publish books. He is the author of Photõetry: Poetry and Photography from South Central LA (Figueroa Press, 2013), a collection of his poems paired with the work of five L.A. photographers. Other work includes his 2007 collection, Poems of a Young, Troubled Mind (published by ProQuest in 2014), and his curation of the anthology, Write or Die (LA Bookshelf Publishing Group, 2008), featuring the poetry from his Urban Poets workshop. Sims is a professor of creative writing, teaching at the Los Angeles Film School. He has also taught at USC, Cal State L.A., Long Beach City College, and Compton College.
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