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Jessica Goodheart
Jessica Goodheart
Poetry.LA Interview
Poetry.LA Studio
Santa Monica, CA
Jessica Goodheart is a poet, journalist and creator of an online essay series, "Poets on the Beat," in which noted Los Angeles-based poets reflect on the social issues of the day. The project, which she describes in her Poetry.LA interview, is a collaboration between Beyond Baroque Literary | Arts Center and the online news publication, Capital & Main, that is carrying the series. Goodheart, whose poetry has appeared in Best American Poetry and Antioch Review, is the author of the collection, Earthquake Season (Word Press, 2010). Currently a senior reporter at Capital & Main, Goodheart has written for the Los Angeles Times, the L.A. Reader and UPI, among other outlets and was the research director at the L.A. Alliance for a New Economy where she authored numerous reports on labor, employment and economic issues.
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