Video Gallery of Poets
in Southern California
Video Gallery of Poets
in Southern California
Laurel Ann Bogen

Laurel Ann Bogen
Celebration of Luvina
literary magazine of Univ. of Guadalajara
hosted by La Palabra
Ave. 50 Studio, Highland Park
Los Angeles, CA
"Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts"
Stella Adler Theatre
Hollywood, CA
Poetry.LA Interview Series
Poetry.LA Studio
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Laurel Ann Bogen's  poetry career was launched in the late 1960s when she won an Academy of American Poets' award as a freshman at USC.  Today, she is the author of 10 books of poetry; her work has appeared in over 100 journals and collections; and, since 1990, she has taught poetry and performance for the UCLA Extension Writers' Program, receiving the Outstanding Instructor of the Year award in 2008. Known for her dramatic performance style, she has appeared at many A-list art and literary venues across the country.